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G&J Financial Services


G&J Financial Services offer a variety of financial services including credit repair and mortgages. We can handle all aspects of your financial needs.  

At G&J Financial Services we help our clients achieve their own unique goals from setting up an LLC to business Planning.  We serve our clients using a conventional, team-based approach that examines all facets of their financial lives.


G&J Financial Services LLC., We have assembled a network of professionals to assist first time home buyers in the home buying process, our hands on approach method makes it an easy and understandable experience. We are committed to providing the best assistance to individuals who are considering homeownership.

We also have been very successful with investors and business owners in creating profitable portfolios.  We provide skilled analyst, sound real estate advice and continuously explore new ideas and technology.  We make the selling and buying of real estate easier, faster, and cost effective.



G&J Financial Service LLC., We are a full Service Financial Firm located in Philadelphia. We Specialize in creative financing, home ownership, credit repair, debt consolidation, business planning, funding, home refinancing.


Click our contact page to schedule a FREE no obligation consultation appointment or you can CHAT with us between hours of 9am to 6pm EST by clicking our CHAT button.



What Our Clients Have to Say

We’ve always been committed to helping our clients thrive and reach their goals. Every unique client is important to me, and it’s my pleasure to share some of their reviews with you. For additional feedback, get in touch today.

Thank you G&J it was a roller coaster but we got it done as your team said we would, I'm forever grateful for your sound advice and  walking me through the entire home buyer process and when I say ever step they held my hand until we was at closing table.  Thanks again


- Beverly Moore



8080 Old York Road, Suite 220
Elkins Park, Pa 19027

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